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10-10-09 Summerplace Schooling Working Adult/Children PM Classes
9/26/09 Fox Chase Farm Pre-Short Leadline Hunter Pleasure Short Stirrup
    Student Hunter Misc    
09/20/09 Sun Middleburg Classic Sm Junior Large Jr Childrens

MBC Presentation/ Candids/Misc Ring 2

09/19/09 Sat Middleburg Classic Small Junior Large Junior Children Ring 2 Sat Classic
09/18/09 Fri Middleburg Classic A/O Young A/O Older A/O 3'3" Adult Young
    Adult Middle Adult Older Classic Children/Adult R2
09/16/09 Wed Middleburg Classic Ring 1 Morning Pre-Green - Ring 1 Local Pro Sec A  - Ring 2 Local Pro Sec B - R2
    Jr/Am Local Ring 2      
9/12/09 Sat Summerplace Schooling Working/Adult-Child PM Classes Candid
8/29/09 Sat Summerplace Schooling Working Children/Adult Pleasure/Beginner
    Rest/Low/Special Presentation/Candid    
06/13/09 Sun Loudoun Adult Older Adult Younger Gittings Candid
06/13/09 Sat Loudoun Young Sm Jr Old Sm Jr Young Lg Jr Old Lg Jr
    Young Adult Older Adult    
06/12/09 Fri Loudoun Low Hunter Younger Small Jr Older Small Jr Large Jr
    Hunter Classic      
06/11/09 Thu Loudoun Ring 1- 1st 2nd yr Hopeful Hunter 3,4,5 Yr Olds Pre-Green 3'
    Pre-Green 3'3 AOs Side Saddle  
06/07/09 Sun Upperville Irish Draught     Upperville Candid
06/06/09 Sat Upperville-Jumpers 5 & 6 Yr Olds 7 & 8 Yr Olds Children's Classic Adult Classic
    Jr/AO Welcome Stakes High Jr/Am  
06/04/09 Thu Upperville Local Hunter Local Small Pony RAINED OUT REMAINDER OF THE DAY
06/03/09 Wed Upperville Adult - Older Adult - Middle Adult - Younger "A" Adult-Younger "B"
06/02/09 Tue Upperville 3 & 4 Yr Olds Pre-Green 3' Pre-Green 3'3"  
06/01/09 Mon Upperville Local Not Owner  "A" Local Not Owner "B" Local Not Owner "C"  
5/31/09 Fox Chase Jumpers Puddle Novice Novice Child/Adult Lows/Child/Adult
05/23/09 Summerplace Farm Schooling Working Adult/Children's Beginner
    Rest/Low/Special Candid    
05/17/09 Keswick Small Pony Hunter Med Pony Hunter Large Pony Hunter Classic
  Candids Green Pony Htr Short Stirrup Children's Pony Local Pony
05/16/09 Sat Keswick Large Pony Hunter Med Pony Hunter Small Pony Hunter Green Pony Htr
    Pre-Children/Adult Jr. Local    
05/15/09 Fri Keswick Meter 25 Jr/Am Training/Low Special/Schooling
    Meter 5 Children/Adult    
05/14/09 Thu Keswick Pre-Training/Hopeful Training Lows Schooling/Special
    Meter 5 Meter 15 Meter 25 Jr/Am
05/13/09 Wed Keswick Low Hunter Local 2'6" Local 3' Side Saddle
05/01/09 Sat Lexington Encore AO Older AO Younger Maclay Sm Jr Young
    Lg Jr Young Sm Jr Older Lg Jr Older Classic
04/30/09 Fri Lexington Encore Modified Pre-Green 3'3" AO 3'3" Jr/Am School
04/30/09 Thu Lexington Encore Green Conf 1st & 2nd Year Reg Conf & Work

Pre-Green 3'

    AO 3'3"      
4/29/09 Wed Lexington Encore Model/Grn Conf/Reg Green Conf 1st & 2nd Year Reg Conf & Work
04/26/09 Sun Lexington Premier VHSA Medal Children Older Children Younger Lex Candids
04/25/09 Sat Lexington Premier Adult Middle Adult Younger Adult Older Children Younger
    Children Older      
4/24/09 Fri Lexington Premier Adult Medal Adult Younger Adult Older Adult Middle
    Adult Classic      
04/23/09 Thu Lexington Premier Schooling Lows Side Saddle Open
04/22/09 Wed Lexington Premier Schooling Open 3, 4 & 5 Year Olds  
04/19/09 Bluebelle Luncheon Bluebelles    
04/18/09 Summerplace Farm Schooling Working & Adult Children Pleasure Beginner
04/10/09 Rose Mount Farm - Fri Pony Medal Small Pony Htr Med Pony Htr Large Pony Htr
  Candids Sm/Med Greens Large Green Children's Pony Limit Hunter
04/09/09 Rose Mount Farm-Thu Local Hunter Modified Hunter Small Hunter Restricted
04/08/09 Rose Mount Farm-Wed Rose Mount Htr 2'6 Rose Mount Htr 2'9" Open PreGreen 3'
    PreGreen 3'3" Side Saddle    
04/07/09 Rose Mount Farm -Tue Baby Green 3,4,5 Year Olds Special PreGreen 3'
    PreGreen 3'3"      
4/04/09 Summerplace Farm Schooling Working Adult / Children Pleasure & Beginner
03-21-09 Fox Chase Farm Images      
03-07-09 Fox Chase Pleasure Green/Wrk/Medal Student/Low/Chidren/Adult Presentation
02-28-09 Fox Chase Farm Images      
01-25-09 Fox Chase Farm Images      
01-09-09 Fox Chase Farm Images  
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